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  • Dr. Rob Thiry

My most common complaint during in last 3 months: WFH neck pain

With so many people working from home these days, I’m seeing more and more cases of what can be called “WFH neck” – that is, “Work From Home” neck.

Are you working at the kitchen counter, dining room table, or even worse, sitting bent over on the bed? Clearly, that is not at all like the office desk you were used to. These practices can literally be a “pain in the neck.”

I can certainly provide a course of chiropractic treatment to relieve the WFH neck pain. However, when you go back to your home office, you can start with a few simple changes that can protect your body from injury and help prevent further flare ups.

Chair/Desk. Using a real desk is a good start, but sometimes that is not possible. Whether you’re using a desk or a dining room table, make sure that you can fit your legs and feet fit comfortably underneath.

Keyboard/Mouse/Arm support. Your keyboard and mouse should be at elbow height. It’s best if you can rest your elbows on your desk and use your fingers to type. Holding your arms in the air all day can cause a host of neck, shoulder, and upper back issues.

Screen height and distance. Your screen should be slightly below your eye level. When you look at your screen, your neck should be straight with your eyes cast down slightly. If you keep bending your neck up or down, keep adjusting the screen to allow you to keep your neck straight. You can always put a book under your monitor or laptop if you need to raise it up to the appropriate height. If you are using a laptop and need to raise the screen height, you may want to use an external keyboard and mouse.

These few tips should get you started on the right track. Additionally, remember to take frequent breaks. And, when you do stop for a break, take a few minutes to stretch and walk around. If you’re mindful about even a few simple techniques, you’ll be able to continue to work at home both safely and efficiently.

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