I am a triathlete and suffered from plantar fascitis off and on for years. Since seeing Dr. Rob I have been pain free and able to train without interruption. Thanks Doc.

--Tim D.


I had shooting pain in my right arm for a week. After seeing Dr. Thiry he explained what was wrong, how to fix it and how to stop it from coming back. I’m doing great. Thanks Doc.

--Chris W.


I work at a computer and used to get neck pain and headaches. Dr. Thiry not only fixed my pain, he also showed me how to set up my computer work area to help prevent the pain from coming back. I have been great ever since.

--Sally F.

Why Choose Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Robert Thiry offer fast, effective, and gentle pain relief. Same day appointments and treatment are also available. Few cases require x-rays and there are no long treatment plan commitments. Our office will handle all aspects of insurance billing, and payment plans are available.

Each patients pain relief plan is determined by evaluating their individual needs. Since not every patients condition is identical every treatment plan is designed to ensure a patient is pain free as quick as possible.

Treatment begins with a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Thiry followed by a comprehensive examination and thorough report of finds. Upon determination that chiropractic care will be beneficial, the doctor creates a treatment plan specifically designed for that patient which explains each injury and further explains the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

The ultimate goal of treatment at Personal Care Chiropractic is to combine chiropractic treatment with patient education on posture, ergonomics, stretching and exercise. This ensures that the patient and doctor are working together to relieve pain fast and improve overall health.

Dr. Thiry was recently selected to be the Team Chiropractor for Boise State athletes. As the team chiropractor he will regularly provide chiropractic care to help keep the BSU atheletes performing their best.

In addition to the Boise State University Athletics teams, he has also provided chiropractic care for the Idaho Stallions, Idaho Stampede, and Idaho Sneakers, local runners, cyclists and triathletes. As an athlete himself, Dr. Thiry understands how to prevent and manage many sports related injuries. He was a competitive cyclist, until turning his focus to triathlons in 2006.

If you are experiencing:

Auto accidents and whiplash Leg pain or numbness and tingling
Sports injuries Arm pain or numbness and tingling
Neck and back pain Disc injury
Headaches Pain with pregnancy
Sciatica Foot Pain

Call our office for fast effective pain relief.

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