I have been having knee pain and ITband pain for the past month on all my runs. Dr. Thiry explained that my pelvis was rotated causing my gait to be off leading to extra stress on the lateral side of my right leg. With adjustments to correct the rotation in my pelvis and the Graston soft tissue technique for my ITband, I am running again and pain free.

Thanks Dr. Thiry

-- Lisa M.


The pain was shooting down both of my arms and I was afraid to move. Dr. Thiry came in after hours to see me. I was able to sleep the first night after treatment. He helped fix the problem in a short time.

Thanks for all you do Dr. T.

--Pam H.

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic: The Doctor

Dr. Robert E. Thiry

  • Palmer West Chiropractic College Graduate

  • Over 15+ years experience

  • Advance training in auto accident trauma and whiplash

  • Advance training in sports injury care  

  • Team Chiropractor for Boise State athletes.

  • Advance training in pediatric care

  • Specializing in back pain, headaches and pediatric care.

  • Diplomat: National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

  • Lecturer

  • Expert Witness

Former Chiropractic Physician for:

  • Idaho Stallions

  • Idaho Stampede

  • Idaho Sneakers

  • Boise State Men's and Women's tennis teams

  • Boise Stars

Dr. Thiry completed his pre-medicine undergraduate studies at Boise State Univeristy and Albertsons College of Idaho. Followed by four years of chiropractic school at Palmer West Chiropractic college located in northern California. In January of 1995, Dr. Thiry successfully completed the four-part National Board Examination and the state board examinations for the State of Idaho. Dr. Thiry has enjoyed practicing in the Treasure Valley since 1995 and continues to help people eliminate pain and improve their overall health.

Since opening his chiropractic business, Dr. Thiry has received advanced training in whiplash trauma, ergonomic education and sports injury care. Dr. Thiry is very active in the community offering free ergonomic lectures to local businesses as well as lecturing local attorneys on the latest in auto accident trauma research.

Dr. Thiry has worked with many of the local sports teams and athletes and was recently selected to be the Team Chiropractor for Boise State athletes. As the team chiropractor he will regularly provide chiropractic care to help keep the BSU atheletes performing their best. He has also been the primary chiropractor for the Idaho Stallions, Idaho Stampede, Idaho Sneakers (including Andy Rodick), BSU men and women's tennis teams as well as many local runners, cyclist, and triathletes. Dr. Thiry was a competitive cyclist for years and recently changed his focus to triathlons. He competed in his first Ironman in 2006 and believes that his involvement in these activities helps him further relate to and treat his patients.

"I grew up in a chiropractic family with my father and three uncles being chiropractors. It was at a very young age I saw how people's lives were changed from chiropractic treatment. As a result, I knew that I wanted to be a chiropratic physician. I have dedicated my life to being a caring and effective chiropractor, and helping my patients obtain an improved quality of life."