I was afraid to see a chiropractor while pregnant. My friend told me how much it helped her. I saw Dr. Thiry and he put me at ease and help me feel great during my pregnancy. I’m so glad I came to him.

--Ann M.

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic: Back Pain Associated with Pregnancy

Back pain associated with pregnancy is a very common occurrence. As the pregnancy progresses the body will experience a number of changes. One change includes increased weight in the front of the body which creates an increased curve in the low back resulting in compression of the joints in the low back. Also during pregnancy a women’s body release a hormone which allows the ligaments to become more lax allowing the pelvis to spread during delivery of the baby. This hormone is released early in the pregnancy and can cause the pelvis to go out of proper alignment, resulting in pain. This misalignment of the pelvis may also lead to sciatica. A misalignment in the pelvis may also result in a more difficult delivery

Symptoms with pregnancy- may include back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, and foot or leg pain

Treatment- may include chiropractic adjustment, flexion distraction, heat or ice therapy, stretching and exercise.

The Benefits of having the proper care include a safe and effective approach to experience a more comfortable pregnancy along with an easier delivery for you and your baby.