He examined my feet, evaluated my gait and then explained what was wrong. After a few weeks of treatment I was able to start slow short runs and after a month I was back to running pain free. Dr. Rob is awesome!

--Paula S.

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic: Foot Pain

FOOT PAIN- May have a number of causes. Our office evaluates gait (how a patient walks or runs) and looks for abnormalities which may affect various pressures to the foot. The doctor evaluates the joints of the foot looking for alignment issues and joints which may not be moving as they should. Abnormal joint motion is a very common cause of foot pain and may lead to an altered gait. Foot pain and dysfunction should be evaluated in order to avoid possible altered gait and pain in the neck and back.

Symptoms of Foot Subluxation or Motion Issues- include abnormal walking or running technique, ankle or foot, pain in the knee, pain in the back or neck. Other types of foot problems may also develop including but not limited to calluses, bunions, and neuromas.

Treatment- include chiropractic extremity adjustments, orthotics, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, graston technique, ice or heat therapy, stretches and strengthening exercises. Gait analysis is also used to evaluate an individuals walking or running form for abnormalities that may be corrected.

The Benefits of proper treatment include fast pain relief, reduced healing time, less scar or fibrotic tissue and stronger tissue which is less likely to experience chronic problems or re-injury.