My right shoulder range of motion has been restricted for the past 15 years, and has caused neck and mid back pain. After 2 visits with Dr. Thiry using his Graston soft tissue technique, my neck and back are feeling better and my shoulder range of motion is normal for the first time in 15 yrs.

-- B.B.

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic: Testimonials

Auto accident-

“ Following my auto accident last year I went to my family doctor. He gave me pain pills and said it would get better over the next few weeks. The pain didn’t get better even after a month. A friend told me to go see

Dr. Thiry. His examination was 10 times more thorough than my other doctor and I started to feel better after only a couple of visits.” Pam R.

“ I was rear ended by another car and felt immediate pain. I called Dr. Thiry’s office and they got me right in. I started to feel better after about a week and have had no problems since.” Brad H.

“ My medical doctor sent me to see Dr. Thiry after my accident last year. He had sent patients to him in the past and all had great results. Dr. Thiry explained my injuries in a way that was easy to understand. And his treatment was great.” Sue M.

“ After my accident I saw Dr. Rob and he had me feeling better in no time. Thanks Doc!” Jan L.

Sports injuries-

I twisted my ankle while running in the hills. I limped around for a week before a friend told me to go see Dr. Thiry. His treatment was great and he had me back running in no time.” Jenny S.

“ After I injured my hamstring last year I continued to have problems and was not able to run. I went to see Dr. Thiry for a back problem, but I also told him about my hamstring and not being able to run. Not only did he fix my back pain, he used the graston therapy to fix my hamstring. I have been running ever since pain free. Thanks for giving me my running back.” Kim F.

“ I saw Dr. T while I was playing tennis for BSU. I was having a lot of shoulder problems and my trainer sent me to see him. In no time I was healed and playing pain free.” Victoria B.

“ I continued to have shin splints and plantar fascitis. A triathlete friend sent me to see Dr. Thiry. He found I was over pronating which was stressing the soft tissue in my foot and lower leg. He did his treatments on me and made me custom orthotics for my shoes. I have not had pain in over a year.” Tim T.

Neck and back pain-

“ I woke up one morning and could not turn my head to the left without bad pain. I saw Dr. Thiry and my pain was less with one visit and was back to normal after only a week. I would never trust my neck to anyone else he is awesome!!” Mandy M.

“ After I helped a friend move I developed some back pain. He sent me to Personal Care Chiropractic to get checked out. The doc found the problem and I was pain free after just two treatments.” Jeff H.

“ I work at a computer and used to get neck pain and headaches. Dr. Thiry not only fixed my pain, he also showed me how to set up my computer work area to help prevent the pain from coming back. I have been great ever since.” Sally F.

“ I had back pain for years and had seen other chiropractors with no help. Even after seeing one for a year and getting treated 3 times a week I wasn’t better. A friend sent me to see Dr. Thiry. He got rid of my back pain after only 5 treatments and showed me stretches and exercises to do to help stay feeling good. I would never go to anyone else. He is the BEST!!!!” Jim H.


“ I suffered from headaches for years. I have tried all types of treatment, including other chiropractors. A co-worker see’s Dr. Thiry and recommended I give him a shot. I’m not sure what he did different, but was headache free after 2 weeks of treatment, and have done well since. If I start to get a headache I go see Dr. Thiry and Its gone by the end of his treatment.” Tiffany W.

“ About one to two times a week I would get headaches that I thought were normal. I went to see Dr. Rob for a different issue but his exam is so detailed he asked me If I ever got headaches. I told him just the normal headaches. He explained there was no such thing as a normal headache. I haven’t had a headache since starting treatment.” Bill P.

“ I have had migraines for years, and the only relief I would get is from medication. Since starting treatment with Personal Care Chiropractic I only occasionally get a migraine, and when I do they are half as bad as they used to be. Thank you Dr. Thiry.” Kelly T.

“ My daughter is 8 years old, and complained of headaches for the past year. I was frustrated with our medical doctors lack of help. He said she would grow out of them. I decided to give chiropractic a try and contacted Dr. Thiry’s office. After 2 treatments she has been headache free and is much happier.” Sam P.


“ The pain in my butt and leg were effecting my ability to run. Dr. Thiry explained what was happening in a way that I could understand, he fixed the problem and showed me things to do on my own to help stop it from coming back. I’m running pain free again, thanks doc.” Amanda V.

“ Lived with the pain for months. Saw Dr. T and was pain free in a week.” Mike S.

“ It felt like I was sitting on an ice pick every time I sat at work. I was uncomfortable all the time and couldn’t sit still. I was referred to Dr. Thiry and I feel great! Thanks Dr.” Kim T.

“ I was going to see a physical therapist that claimed to be the back and neck specialist. I went for months with no relief. I decided to go to Dr. Thiry to try something different. Not only did I feel better after the first treatment, he has helped me be more active and lose 25lbs. He is the best!!!!. Linda W.

Arm or leg numbness/tingling

“ My medical doctor told me the numbness in my hand was carpal tunnel syndrome and that I needed to have surgery. I wanted another opinion before I chose surgery so I contacted Dr. Thiry’s office. After a thorough evaluation he determined it was only tendonitis in my wrist. I did a couple weeks of treatment and have had no problems since, WITHOUT surgery.” Richard A.

“ I was getting numbness in my hands while working on the computer. Dr. Rob evaluated my work area, made some changes to it, and gave me stretches to do. Numbness gone and doing great! Liz L.

“ I found out the numbness in my right leg was due to a pinched nerve. Dr. Thiry’s treatment was gentle and worked to get me back to normal.” Ed.B.

“ The side of my leg was numb all the time. Dr. Thiry found a bulging disc in my back. I was able to feel better with his treatment, and didn’t need surgery. I am so thankful.” Anita S.

Arm or leg pain

“ I was having shooting pain into my legs if I moved right or coughed. I was determined I had a bulging disc in my back. Personal Care Chiropractic used there special treatment tables to help reduce the disc pressure. I’m pain free and still do all the things I used to do.” Jon B.

“ I had shooting pain in my right arm for a week. After seeing Dr. Thiry he explained what was wrong, how to fix it and how to stop it from coming back. I’m doing great. Thanks Doc.” Chris W.

“ After lifting the lawn mower into the back of the truck I developed a burning in my lower leg. My medical doctor told me I had a pinched nerve and if it wasn’t better in 2 weeks come back to see him. A month later it was worse. Dr. Rob helped it go away in only a week of treatment.” George S.

“ The pain was shooting down both of my arms and I was afraid to move. Dr. Thiry came in after hours to see me. I was able to sleep the first night after treatment. He helped fix the problem in a short time. Thanks for all you do Dr. T.” Pam H.

Disc injuries

“ After being diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back I wanted to try every thing to avoid surgery. A friend suggested I see Dr. Thiry. His treatment worked. Now any time my back flairs up I go see the doc and I’m good again.” Ellis B.

“ Dr. Thiry told my back problem was a herniated disc and that he could help. I was skeptical and decided to try physical therapy. Not only did they not help they made it worse. I went back to Dr. Thiry and sure enough he was able to help me. I should have never left.” Steve B.

“ After my auto accident I had neck pain and weakness in my arms. My medical doctor just kept giving me pills and saying it would get better. After 3 months I saw Dr. Thiry. He found I suffered a herniated disc in my neck. His treatment helped and I have been pain free and have no more weakness.” Brian S.

“ After my surgery for a herniated disc I continued to have problems. I saw Dr. Thiry and he was able to help me, even after I had surgery.” Gail S.

Pain with pregnancy

“ I was having terrible back pain and was so uncomfortable. Dr. Thiry explained what was happening and how he could help. He treated me two times and I felt better. I went back as needed throughout the rest of the pregnancy and did great.” Stephanie W.

“ My OB doctor sent me to see Dr. Rob. It was the most comfortable easy pregnancy I have had. I just wish someone would have sent me to him with my first 3 kids.” Mary A.

“ I was afraid to see a chiropractor while pregnant. My friend told me how much it helped her. I saw Dr. Thiry and he put me at ease and help me feel great during my pregnancy. I’m so glad I came to him.” Ann M.

“ I was miserable until I went to Personal Care Chiropractic. Thanks Doc.”

Foot pain.

“ My plantar fascitis would not go away and I could not run. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Rob.

He examined my feet, evaluated my gait and then explained what was wrong. After a few weeks of treatment I was able to start slow short runs and after a month I was back to running pain free. Dr. Rob is awesome!” Paula S.

“ I was having pain just walking. Dr. Thiry had helped me with my back so I called him to see what he thought. After he examined my feet he found some of the bones were locked up. He did a couple of adjustments on my foot and I walked out of his office pain free.” Casey B.

“ I had foot pain for years. Dr. Thiry explained that my feet were weak and needed support. He made me orthotics in his office and the foot pain is gone. I even started running again.” Alan P.

“ My feet hurt every morning I would get out of bed. After going to see Dr. Thiry getting treatment and the proper orthotics I get up pain free.” Amber J.