I was in an auto accident and was having bad neck and back pain. My medical doctor sent me to see Dr. Thiry. I found Dr. Thiry to be very knowledgeable about my injuries, and his treatment was great. I feel much better,

Thanks Dr. T

-- Jill K.


I was rear ended by another car and felt immediate pain. I called Dr. Thiry’s office and they got me right in. I started to feel better after about a week and have had no problems since.

--Brad H.

Personal Care Chiropractic Clinic: Auto Accidents Injuries and Whiplash

How do you know if you need treatment following an auto accident? Following an auto accident some people feel fine, others feel some mild stiffness, while others have immediate pain. Extensive research shows an association between auto accidents and resulting soft tissue damage. Research also shows that accidents at speeds as low as 5mph can cause soft tissue damage. Even if there is very little, if any, damage to the car the accident could cause injury to the occupants. Research also shows that a delay in onset of symptoms occurring days, weeks or even months after the accident is not uncommon. The best way to know if you have suffered soft tissue injury or whiplash is to have an extensive examination by a qualified chiropractic auto accident injury specialist immediately following the accident.

Dr. Thiry is a graduate of the San Diego Spine Research institute and is an expert in auto accident trauma and a specialist in the treatment of auto accident injuries, including whiplash.

WHIPLASH- (hyperflexion/hyperextension) is a term used to describe a range of injuries to the neck caused by or related to distortion of the neck associated to excessive or rapid extension or flexion. It is commonly associated with auto accidents, usually when the vehicle has been hit from the rear, or rear ends another vehicle. However, the injury may be sustained other ways, including falls while snow or water skiing, or from bikes accidents and the like.

Symptoms- include pain, stiffness, restricted neck movements, referred pain into shoulders, numbness or tingling into arms or hands, shooting pain into arms or hands and headaches. These symptoms may occur immediately, but often not for days or weeks. Following an accident it is not uncommon for people to develop symptoms months later. This often makes it difficult to associate the symptoms with the damage that was done to the soft tissue as a result of the accident.

Treatment- Dr. Thiry uses extensive spinal examinations and possible x-ray studies deemed necessary to determine if injuries have occurred, and to what extent. If any injuries are detected Dr. Thiry uses his expert knowledge and years of experience to determine the proper course of care for each patient based on the degree of injury. This treatment includes chiropractic treatment, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, Graston Technique, heat and ice therapy, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises.

The Benefits of having the proper care is faster pain relief, expedited reduction of various other symptoms and a decreased risk of chronic symptoms lasting a last for a lifetime.